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What type of pool pump timer do you need?

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Having to maintain a healthy and hygienic pool is quite a task. Your heater, filter and pump has to be working correctly while making sure that the water chemical levels in the pool are conducive for safe swimming. In simple terms, it is a tricky balance of work. It can be so much that without help proper planning, you may be overwhelmed by the work of keeping the pool running properly.

This is where pool pump timers come in handy.

A pool timer is a great possession more so to those who are often too busy and have little or no time to be home to turn on their pool equipment
on and off. Having set the timer, it is capable of turning the pool heaters and pump on and off. It has the ability to vary the pump speed as required, there are also some pumps that are capable of to provide free-protection, and this will shut your pool once the temperatures drop to a certain set point. This can also work as a security caution against the pool.

The best timer can be found by asking yourself what exactly you are trying to control. Is the timer just for turning the pump on and off? Or do you need a timer that while regulate your pump speed from low to high or vice versa? Or maybe you just need one that can shut the pool when a given temperature is reached. Or you want a single pump that can do all the above.

Turning Equipment On/Off

In most cases, a pool owner will only require a timer that can simply turn their pool on and off. This includes turning on apparatus like
the pump, heater, booster pump and lights. One can choose between timers designed for either residential or commercial pools depending on pools intensity in usage.

Heater Protection

There are timers with a built in heater protection, this lets you have the confidence of not returning home to a frozen pool. With this timer, the gas will be shut off once the required set temperature is acquired. This worries of having over-heated pool, reduces scales and lime deposits. These types of heaters are suitable for commercial pools where the system needs to be kept running on and off as it adds to the protection of the heater itself.

Varying Pump Speeds

This is used in conjunction to an existing pool timer, while the existing pool timer turns the pump on and off, this timer will be responsible in alternating the pump speeds. Before going for this timer, you already have to be with a pump timer as they work together.

Freeze Protection

This timer needs to be connected to a switch device. It controls against freeze damage. If wired correctly, it turns on the filter pump when the
air temperatures drop to bellow a set point on the thermostat.

Digital Controls

The timers ability to use digital controls allows them to spring into action when the set times are reached. All the timing in connection to switching of filter pumps, and all other required activities are pre-loaded in the timers, digital software.

Mechanical timers, although are small gadgets, can play some major roles in your pools major well being.