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What’s all the fuss about inflatable tents for camping?

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Camping is not a practice for the foolhardy. It can sometimes be pleasant to land in a nice place and spend a few days with friends or family. For this you will need a tent, and other camping equipment. For that, the choice of a quality tent which fits your needs is a key moment.

Why should you choose an inflatable tent?

The inflatable camping tent is more and more popular in the world of camping. Because it presents a revolutionary advantage: a time of 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the model, only thanks to a few strokes of the pump. This speed is added to the simplicity of assembly.

  • Lightness

The inflatable tent is also light. It is therefore not bulky. We understand why this tent is the perfect companion for tourists who love freedom, who have only their backpacks, or simply do not have a large vehicle.

  • Solidity

Despite their simplicity and lightness, the inflatable tents still remain strong guaranteeing a high resistance against punctures, but also against the wind, and other bad weather. Indeed, the inflatable armatures have the same capabilities as the metal hoops.

Inflatable camping tents guarantee a camping pleasure, simplicity and speed! This spirit of freedom is increasingly sought after by today’s campers and tourists.

  • Adaptability

With their main polyester structure, the inflatable tents guarantee an infallible waterproofing, which will allow you to use them in all climatic and meteorological conditions. With their fabrics specially adapted for outdoor activities, they will give you complete satisfaction.

  • Impermeability

The inflatable tents stand out by their impenetrable walls that do not let a drop of water pass. You will then have the opportunity to reside in during heavy rains while remaining dry. In addition, the main roof has a liner to seal it. This waterproofness guarantees a perfect use even if you intend to go at camping in the tropical regions where the rains are permanent.

  • Convenient to be taken everywhere

Obviously, the inflatable tent can be assembled and disassembled whenever you want. As a result, it gives two distinct measures according to its state. You can then place it in a corner besides your bag in case you intend to take it and use it in a place other than the one where you usually camp. But also, it will not cause you storage problems once you are back. It will integrate perfectly your closet.

  • Easy to use

Depending on its capacity, the inflatable tent can accommodate 4 to 8 people. So you can, depending on the model, break down into a master bedroom that can be divided into two with an additional partition.

It is not necessary to mount it piece by piece, as it is an inflatable tent. As a result, you will not have to worry about air administration in your equipment. On this side, the inflatable tent has a built-in pump. You just have to turn it on until your equipment is fully inflated.

How to choose your camping tent?

To choose a tent, there are three important criteria to consider.

  • Season

There are different types of tents for different seasons. The most common is the 3 season tent. Designed to minimize condensation by providing good ventilation, it is designed for camping in the spring, summer and fall. There are also 4 seasons and expedition tents that are built to withstand the snow and the cold.

  • Weather resistance

Waterproofing is an important criterion for a tent. Do not forget to take into account the resistance of the tent to the wind. It would be a pity if your tent was torn off the ground with the slightest gust of wind. Finally, opt for an anti-UV fabric, which prevents you from waking up sweat.

  • Capacity

Pay special attention to the number of people indicated by the manufacturers.

This one does not take into account the recreational space and the space for the equipment. If this is important to you, do not forget to take it into account when buying your tent.

Camping is a great opportunity to escape the daily routine.

Having the chance to sleep beside a whispering river, waking up to the first rays of the sun, and listening to the rain dripping on the camping tent, can be a great and an intense experiences of nature.

Choosing the inflatable tents, which combines lightness, resistance and adaptability is therefore at the utmost importance to make your camping experience unforgettable.